Employers FAQ

So, what makes this different from other job boards?

Glad you asked. We focus on high quality and value in empowering employers to reach talent. The content of every job is human-inspected for its editorial and link integrity. We don’t aggregate like other watered-down sites, so you’ll only find the highest quality job content on our site, posted by real employers, who have been vetted by our team. Our job seekers are unique, qualified, and interested. It only takes one to fill your role – the right one.

How do I purchase multiple job postings?

For online transactions, you'll need to run each purchase as a separate transaction. Our e-commerce is built around single products, so you won't have the option to choose a specified quantity per product. However, we do offer several job slot memberships which include the ability to post multiple jobs. Alternatively, you may request for a manual transaction offline and manual setup of your account. This will provide any customization you need for multiple quantities or other special requests. If this is your preference, please contact our team to make the request.

How can I optimize my job posting for the best results?

Quality content is still king, and that goes for job content, as well! It’s important to write a clear, concise, and engaging job description. It’s also helpful to select up to 10 skill tags for each job. Videos are supported and highly recommended to enhance storytelling for each employer. And though it's not required, it's highly recommended to disclose a salary or compensation range for each job. In this talent-short marketplace, job seekers are expecting to know approximate compensation oftentimes before applying.

Can I share my employer account with my team?

Yes, you may share your account credentials with your team. We recommended assigning a group email and password for account sharing.

Can my job postings be integrated with my company ATS?

Yes, seamlessly. When you post your jobs, you’ll have the option to route applications by email or by URL. You’ll want to include a unique URL per job posting that redirects and resolves job seekers to a consistent job posting on your company site. This will provide the best (and expected) user experience for job seekers and will enhance conversions.

Do you support tracking tags?

When posting your jobs, the How to Apply field is where you may enter a URL tracking tag. This tracking tag (or tracking parameter) should be simply appended to the URL that routes to your company site, ATS, or landing page. For job postings, it's important this landing page be consistent with your job posting to enhance conversions and minimize user confusion during the redirect. For security reasons, we do not support the use of tracking tags in the form of JavaScript, or any form of embedded tracking. We only support the use of URL-based tracking, which is commonly known as UTM tracking or URL-appended tracking parameters. Keep in mind, your employer dashboard already provides excellent tracking statistics, so third-party tracking isn't always necessary.

Can I post my jobs automatically?

Yes, we accept XML feeds that meet our specifications. Upon request, we can provide our XML documentation for node mapping fields. It's actually quite simple. Please note that we only accept XML feeds for Annual Unlimited membership contracts.  For one-off job postings and monthly memberships, we only support manual postings by advertiser.

What's the difference between applications and apply clicks?

When posting your jobs, you have the option to choose how you'd like to route job seekers during the application process. Depending on your selection, these stats are recorded differently. You may choose to receive applications to your email inbox, in which case you'll see those stats recorded as Applications; (or) you may choose to route job seekers to your website or ATS, in which case you'll see those stats recorded as Apply Clicks. Please note that since the application is being redirected to the URL you have entered for this type of routing, it will be the responsibility of your website or ATS to fully convert applications once job seekers have landed on your destination page. You may discover some job seekers have not fully completed their application, unfortunately, as this is a common challenge that employers face. Rest assured we have recorded your Apply Clicks accurately, which may provide useful feedback when collaborating with your web development team or ATS provider.

How can I search the resume database?

At this time, the CV database is privatized and not searchable as a standalone offering. To access resume data, employers are required to post jobs and receive applications. Upon receiving applications, you’ll have access to those candidates that have applied to your job. We’ve adopted this approach as it aligns with a more modern content-driven strategy that promotes intent-based application activity. The days of tirelessly searching and grasping for candidates in a database has evolved into recruitment marketing through high-quality content.

Is my credit card and account data secure?

Yes. We take data security very seriously. All credit card transactions are PCI compliant and securely processed using the latest machine learning fraud detection, SSL and data encryption, firewall, anti-virus, malware, DDoS protection, and managed DNS security. Learn more about our data protection practices by visiting our Privacy Policy.

Can I pay by invoice rather than credit card?

Yes. Simply contact our team to make a special billing request. You'll need to complete a form for billing information, then we'll get your account set up manually, and our billing team will send an invoice. Invoice terms are NET 30 days by default. Any special requests may be discussed so we can meet your needs.

How do I cancel my job slot membership?

You may cancel your job slot membership at any time by simply signing into your account dashboard and clicking ‘Cancel’ from within the membership product. You’ll retain access through the end of your billing cycle. A membership cancellation email will be sent out upon final expiry.

Do you offer refunds for paid services?

We don't grant refunds on any paid services once usage has begun (e.g. the posting of a job or the usage of a membership whether in part or whole, as disclosed in the term of use.

I'm an agency, how do I post jobs on behalf of several clients?

Our system requires a unique email address for each account. Therefore, agencies will need to create a separate account on behalf of each client for which you wish to post jobs. For best account management, it's recommended (but not required) to use a descriptive email alias such as: clientname@agencydomainname.com when creating accounts. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like further recommendations.

Do you offer agency discounts?

Our pricing is by default NET. However, we do offer approved agencies discounts for online transactions by using a discount code. 

Job Seekers FAQ

How do I add my resume/cv?

First, you’ll need to create an account. Then select the type of product you’d like assigned to your resume/cv. Our basic resume post is free. Then simply complete the online form and upload your resume/cv document. You’ll be able to add multiple versions of your resume/cv if you’d like.

How do I sign up for email job alerts?

You may sign up for job alerts by finding the quick-form on the homepage or on any job search results page. By entering your email address, you’ll be added to that specific list. Our system handles the sends automatically, so there's nothing else to do on your side. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Do I need to create an account to apply for jobs?

You may apply to jobs directly without creating an account, as we believe the open-flow model is a win for job seekers and employers alike. Though, we do recommend creating an account for its many benefits such as tracking tools, resume organization, building your profile, and privacy features.

Can I create an account and apply for jobs discreetly?

Yes. You may manage your privacy setting at the resume level. You are always in control and may adjust each resume to be active, inactive, private, or deleted. Please be advised that once you apply for a job the respective employer will have access to your CV and any correspondence you have sent.

Can I send a cover letter with my application?

Submitting a cover letter is case by case depending on the preferences set by each employer. You may send a cover letter with your application for any job postings whereas the employer is set to receive applications directly to their inbox. This option will be revealed inside the popup application form. If you’re redirected to the employer’s website to complete your application, then submitting a cover letter may not be possible unless the employer supports it on their respective website.

What is the status of my job application?

The status of your application will depend on each employer's independent hiring process. It is the employer’s responsibility to keep you informed, reach out, and engage your candidacy for any job posted on the site.

Will I receive communication directly from recruiters?

The majority of employers on the site are posting their jobs with the intention that you’ll find them first, and apply directly to their job posting. Once you’ve submitted an application to their job, employers will be granted access to view your resume, as well as communicate directly with you. Adding your resume to our database by itself does not necessarily mean you’ll be discovered. We recommend taking action to apply directly to the jobs you find interesting.

How do I delete my account?

You are always in control and may delete your account at any time. Simply sign in to your dashboard and visit your Account Settings. Please be aware that if you delete your account, the action is permanent, and all account activity will be lost including your application history.

How may I contact support for additional questions?

For additional questions and support, please contact us by live chat or send a message. We’re happy to help and available on a 24/7 basis.