Founded in 2014 by the industry’s top cybersecurity experts, Binary Defense is on a mission to change the security industry for the better and help organizations defend against threats of all kinds.

We believe that the best defense against cyber threats uses a human-driven, technology-assisted approach. We protect businesses of all sizes through our advanced cybersecurity solutions including Managed Detection and Response, Threat Hunting, Digital Risk Protection, Incident Response, Phishing Response, and Analysis on Demand.

Binary Defense was spawned from the need for better monitoring and detection capabilities in companies. The founder of Binary Defense, David Kennedy, also founded TrustedSec which specializes in information security services including penetration testing.  The cutting edge, white hat hackers noticed almost every organization with monitoring capabilities really struggled, especially when using an MSSP. Countless attacks went undetected, and breaches were missed which left companies wondering what to do. 

As a result, Binary Defense was first put into motion in July of 2012 with the development of our Managed Detection, Deception and Response software (Binary Defense Vision) based on profiling how attackers think. A number of years of development, marrying up attack intelligence with our extensive threat intelligence, has made our product the best consolidation of technologies in the industry to predict, prevent, detect, deceive and respond to attacks.